Friday, June 19, 2009

The Ride

Last Friday (June 12), Joel, Josiah, and John Nisbett and Matt and I all stayed over at my house in preparation for our twenty mile ride out to the Nisbett's house.  We took the ride at a leisurely pace and were able to stop off half way at the Hamacher's house.  We left our house around 10 and arrived around 1 at the Nisbett's house.  The plan was for us to ride to the Nisbett's house and help them with some siding, fence work, mowing, etc. until they had to leave.  That is exactly what we did.  It was very much fun! :D

Adjustments were made along the way to make sure that the bikes rode well.

We brought water, a homemade granola mixture (peanuts, raisins, and M&Ms), and Skittles!  The Nisbett kids helped us finish whatever we could not finish on the trip. ;)

It was a beautiful day for a ride.  We had some cloud cover that helped to keep if a little cooler.  God was shading us from the intense heat!  Praise God for a great day! 

But of course, there were turtles to be saved.  On our ride, we heroically saved three turtles from certain death at the hands of ferocious cars and bicycles!  I can't believe how bad some drivers are!  Josiah, you could have hit the turtle!!

Yet, every heroic deed had its cost.  But we did save the turtle!!!  I am sure that my back will never be the same again! ;)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Work or Fun?

Some work is hard, and some work is easy!  But sometimes it does not matter about what you are doing as much as who you are doing it with.  Such was the case for me with my brothers when Matt and I came in for a visit.  My parents are fixing up their house in Arnold, Missouri, right near St. Louis.  We needed to do some rock work around the house, so, for a Mother's Day gift, we all shoveled and moved into place fourteen tons of white rock.  

Left to Right: Michael (17), Daniel (15), David (20), and Matthew (22)

Funny Faces! :D

Matthew never actually dumped the rock on us, but we did toss a little rock on Daniel when he became irritating!  :)

I do not remember whose idea this was, but it makes for a good picture!

Matt and Michael did actually carry one or two smaller wheelbarrows of rock when the tire on our smaller wheelbarrow popped!