Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Campus Crusade

Before our Bible study at 8 on Monday last week, we had a leaders meeting to discuss some of the new changes that will be going on. Our old representative from Campus Crusade in St. Louis, Karl, is going to the Ivory Coast for an extended mission trip, so we are getting two new ones. They are named Zack and Corey.
With each leaders meeting, we discuss a passage of scripture to start us off.

Next, we discussed what the best ways to reach new students was.

At 8, we all went to Farrar in the Quad for our combined Bible study.

After the Bible study, a group of us went to a Slice of Pie, a trip that is a tradition whenever Karl comes down to Rolla. Zack and Corey, on the right, came with us this time.

What fun!

Sunday, April 25, 2010


This beautiful young lady is a good friend of mine. She is an excellent cook and is always so helpful at home with her younger siblings. Keep growing in Christ, Jenny! Love Him with all of your heart. He will never let you down.

This beautiful young lady is also a good friend of mine. She is an excellent pianist and is great with people. She loves being around others and is very kind. Megan, keep on smiling for Christ. He will provide for your future and will protect you in the present. Put Him first! Nothing in life can take the place of Him. If He is first in your life, the other important things will fall into place.

It is hard to truly say how great you both are! Your accomplishments and characters are not limited to these things, but they are simply one or two things that you both are great at. I wish that I could adequately thank, praise, and encourage all of the wonderful friends that God has provided me with--especially you all from the play and robotics and church. To everyone in Snoopy, you all did a GREAT job!!! I was sooo proud of all of you. Each one of you is my special friend, and I hope that we get to work together more in the future!

I took this picture a couple of days ago. It was raining at the time, so I was not able to get as good of a picture as I wanted. It was so neat! There was a double rainbow. I rarely see rainbows. When I see them, I am reminded of the promises of God. He promises to always watch out for me and to never leave me. God is well worth trusting in. Without faith it is impossible to please God. He can even work when we are faithless, but I want to please Him. He is faithful even when we are faithless.


After watching the play Beauty and the Beast, Matt and I went over to a friend's house to play a really fun game of cards. Most everyone there either is in Campus Crusade for Christ or is in Christian Campus Fellowship.

Here is Matt looking as handsome as ever. The shirt he is wearing always cracks me up. It is sooooo bright. It is a highlighter yellow.

Jason (left) and Mark (right) are two brothers who will be rooming with Matt, a friend named Allen, and I next semester.

This group of clowns are all in Campus Crusade for Christ. They all are good friends of mine and both couples just happened to be dating (bottom two and top two--you never would have guessed)! Who says that there are no girls in Rolla! ;) This picture was taken at a Campus Crusade movie night we had several weeks ago.

Beauty and the Beast

Last Friday, Matt and I went with a group from Fine Linen Drama to see the play Beauty and the Beast. Benjamin did an excellent job as one of the dancers. He is going to be performing in the Muny this summer.

They caught me unawares with this picture. I was allowing them to see my camera and they got me. :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Creative God

I love flowers! I love trees! I love to just enjoy God's marvelous creation! I still cannot decide which color I like better--blue or green. God seemed to like them both. He used them so marvelously throughout creation. Apparently green is a soothing color and blue is a calming color. Every now and then, I get to just relax and walk barefoot through a field of soft grass, dip my feet in a cool blue stream, or run through the wind with arms outstretched. It may seem silly, but God wants us to be like a child. I want to enjoy His creation like a child. I think He is definitely enjoying it with me.

More Robotics

Most of the guys worked on making a lego machine gun. This one is a combined machine gun and scorpion.

These machine guns can shoot fairly fast and hard at a short range.

This is a robotic powered rubber-band gun.

Another machine gun.

The robotics team has been working hard. They will be going to competition this coming Saturday.

This robot is designed to pick up two rows of rubber duckies! :)

Rock Climbing at Devil's Elbow

Mike is such a kind and wise mentor. He and I get along very well. Too bad he is moving to KC to work at Honeywell after this semester--well too bad for Matt and I.

Talk about a clear day. We could not have asked for a better day. I was simply gorgeous.

Devil's Elbow near Fort Leonard wood on April 17th.

It was a beautiful view.

We could see for miles!

Michael Gatts and I went top-rope rock climbing. I think the the cliff was a level 7 or 8 climb. Mike belayed for me and I for him.

It was pretty tall. We both got most of the way to the top until the rock face sloped outward. Mike probably could have gotten it, but we ran out of time.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Cru Bible Study

Here are some of the members of out Bible study that we have on campus every Monday at 8. On this day, we combined the two Bible studies that we have and met at my house. I lead one of the Bible studies, which is in the Residential College on campus. Grant Brown, the guy laying back who has the black shirt on leads the Bible study that Cru has in the Quad.

The guy on the right is our representative from St Louis. His name is Karl, and he heads up Campus Crusade on our campus. Campus Crusade for Missouri is centered in St. Louis.

A couple more of my friends from the Bible study. My brother and I will be rooming with Mark, the guy on the left, and some other guys next semester. He is a good friend of mine. Michael Gatts, the fellow in the middle, is another one of my best friends. I was in his wedding two summers ago, and we hang out and talk all the time. The girl on the right is named Kelly. She and two other girls will be staying in an apartment not too far from where Matt and I will be staying.

Pictures from St. Louis and Rolla

No explanation needed. :)

My brother Michael holding a Speedminton (like badminton only faster) racket.

Here is my newest nephew (my cousin's son).

Carl and I work out two times a week at the gymnasium.

Carl is one of my best friends!!! :)