Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ecuador: Traveling to Rio Verde

Carl and I traveling to the airport in Nathan Hull's van. :)

Left to Right: Caleb, Kyle, and I

St. Louis Airport

Flight from St. Louis to New York
Carl and I got to sit next to each other on the flights down.

Landing in New York

Flight from New York to Miami


Flight from Miami to Quito
Landing in Quito

Andy Shaub is the missionary that we went down to help build his house. He is the one in the middle with the open jacket with the plaid shirt underneath. Doug Williams, directly to his right in the background with the red hat, is one of Andy's fellow missionaries. Doug and Andy both work with the Awa people. Doug does quite a bit of the translation work.


That night, we drove to the city of Ibarra, about 5 hours North of Quito, and stayed the night in the missionary guest house rented by the Bruces (I think). The Bruces are the third missionary family that works with the Awa people. The Shaubs temporarily stayed in the Bruces' home in Rio Verde until the Shaubs finished their new house. The new house had to be done before July 11.

Carl and I got up early on the roof at the house in Ibarra

Drive from Ibarra to Lita

Two hour drive to Rio Verde from Lita
I didn't get many pictures of Lita, so I decided to wait until later to post those. Even as it is, I am not posting all of the pictures that I took. I got mostly scenery at Lita. We stopped in Lita at Herman's place, a mission. Herman loaned us some rubber boots to wear for our time in Ecuador.

The roads are rough and muddy. The wind up the sides of mountains. Because of all the rain, the mud often slides down over the road. Also, the tires make deep ruts that have to be filled with boulders. Some of us drove in the back of a "taxi" truck. The rest of the group rode in Andy's red truck.