Saturday, December 4, 2010

Campus Crusade Pictures

Randomness! I will explain later when I have time. I have been horrible with loading pictures on lately. I do have to explain this first picture! :) This is my roommate, Jason, in his Holloween costume. He is not in CRU, but I thought it was funny anyway!!

Leadership Overnight with Campus Crusade for Christ. They always are a lot of fun, and I learn a lot from them.

Here we were playing a game that I think was called Ninja. Matt is in the green, and Chad Rucker is in the Black with the expensive shades!! :)

Here is almost our whole group from last year. Some people graduated, but we now have a really good core group.

Since we now have a CRU house, we get to have fun now and then. I live in the Man Cave with four other guys. Three of the girls who come to CRU and/or CCF live next door.

Here is Matt and our roommate, Mark Spaw. We were at a small training for leaders. It was on leading small group Bible studies and leading worship music.

On this day, we had a booth with lots of water bottles and questionnaires. Zack Parks, a CRU Staff person is in the black shirt with the gray hat on crooked. Brian is standing behind the table closest to the camera.

Here are most of our leaders in CRU this semester. We are all very good friends. :)

Dan Allan is talking to us about our campus ministry and encouraging us. He is a really good leader in Campus Crusade. He comes up as often as he can to lead our monthly meeting.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Back at School

I am back at school and have just finished the week before school actually starts. It was a good week of relaxing, yet it also had a lot of preparation for Campus Crusade for Christ this year. God has been so good! He has taught me so much this summer. :) I look forward to having to trust Him while doing hard things. I hope everyone's summer was as good as mine!!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Shaub House Pictures

When we got to Ecuador, the house that we were going to work on was merely a frame made of "four-by-fours." As you can see in the picture, there was a corrugated metal roof with some clear panels to allow in light. This view is from the kitchen of the Bruces' house. There were two existing houses--the Bruces' house and the Williams' house.

The team was in Ecuador for about ten days. Andy asked me if I could stay and help him finish the house. He had a deadline of getting it done before July 11. The Shaubs were staying in the Bruces' house and had to be out before they came back around the 11th. By the end of ten days, we had sided most of the house and had finished two-thirds of the flooring in the upstairs. Here are all the Shaubs: Andy, Chrissy, Laura, Elaina, Lee, and Liana.

Here is the whole team plus the Shaubs! :)

This is what the house looked like right after the Shaubs and I got back from dropping the team off at the airport in Quito. We finished the siding to the left of Chrissy first. As Andy did this, I built the shutters for the window in the upstairs.

Here I think I had just finished putting down the hardwood flooring. I had not yet finished the shutters.

The team built the outhouse and cut the logs that formed the path. The boards you can see stacked on the left are drying. We eventually used them. Every board that we used was cut by chainsaw and had already been dried for about four months.

Here is a picture of the downstairs kitchen about finished except for some cleaning and waxing the floor. On the left, Chrissy is standing outside the front door on the porch. The black rectangle on the counter top is their propane-powered stove covered in black plastic. Directly in front of the camera at the edge of the counter is where we placed the refrigerator that Rolla Bible bought for the Shaubs. This refrigerator allowed them to keep fruit and meat cold. It kept it from spoiling in a day or two and allowed them to keep it for extended periods of time.

Here is another shot of the kitchen. You can see the front door and the counter top better from this angle.

This is a rotated shot of the kitchen. From here, the counter and the front door are on the right. The small room in the corner is the shower. The counter top and room directly to the right of that is the washroom for dishes and occasionally laundry. The boards on the floor are a different kind of wood that is waterproof.

This little gadget was a surprise for Chrissy! Chrissy liked having cracks in the floor that allowed the dirt to drop down onto the dirt below the house, but this allowed bugs to get in. As an innovation, Andy and I decided to build a little trap door from one of the floor boards that could open. This would allow Chrissy to sweep dirt outside. It would also function as a cat-door for their cat.

Kitchen counter top

Here is another view of the washroom. The Shaubs collect rainwater from the gutters of the house and store this water in large barrels a little bit up the hill. This water supply is above the level of this sink. Because of this, water runs down to this sink by way of the black hose at the top of the wall in this picture. Andy installed, or is installing a faucet. I think it is done. When it is, they will have "running water" to this sink.

This door is the shower room. Since there is no hot running water, the common method of showering is to heat water on the stove, mix the hot water with cooler rainwater, and use a pitcher to pour the water over oneself.

Here is the upstairs floor completed and cleaned.

This is Andy and Chrissy's room in an upstairs corner of the house. Both the floor and the sealing are built from tongue and groove hardwood boards that were taken from a house in Lita. They used to be the sealing of a house that belonged to the Williams(one of the other missionary families) when they lived in Lita. Andy is using the sealing for storage. Directly to the right of this room is a closet, and his office is the opening on the close side of the wall that you can begin to see on the left.

Here is Andy's room again. Directly outside the room is Andy's office. As you can see, there are lights and outlets. Three men from Ibarra came and wired up the whole house. The electric company will hook up the panel box later this year. Until then, a temporary extension cord is being used to power the panel box.

Here is Andy's office. Right behind this wall is the second floor deck. Andy's room is to the right, and a hallway is to the left.

This is Laura, Elaina, and Liana's room. The white tent-looking thing is Liana's bed covered by a mosquito net. Laura and Elaina both sleep in the loft that you can slightly see (looks like a sealing).

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ecuador: Traveling to Rio Verde

Carl and I traveling to the airport in Nathan Hull's van. :)

Left to Right: Caleb, Kyle, and I

St. Louis Airport

Flight from St. Louis to New York
Carl and I got to sit next to each other on the flights down.

Landing in New York

Flight from New York to Miami


Flight from Miami to Quito
Landing in Quito

Andy Shaub is the missionary that we went down to help build his house. He is the one in the middle with the open jacket with the plaid shirt underneath. Doug Williams, directly to his right in the background with the red hat, is one of Andy's fellow missionaries. Doug and Andy both work with the Awa people. Doug does quite a bit of the translation work.


That night, we drove to the city of Ibarra, about 5 hours North of Quito, and stayed the night in the missionary guest house rented by the Bruces (I think). The Bruces are the third missionary family that works with the Awa people. The Shaubs temporarily stayed in the Bruces' home in Rio Verde until the Shaubs finished their new house. The new house had to be done before July 11.

Carl and I got up early on the roof at the house in Ibarra

Drive from Ibarra to Lita

Two hour drive to Rio Verde from Lita
I didn't get many pictures of Lita, so I decided to wait until later to post those. Even as it is, I am not posting all of the pictures that I took. I got mostly scenery at Lita. We stopped in Lita at Herman's place, a mission. Herman loaned us some rubber boots to wear for our time in Ecuador.

The roads are rough and muddy. The wind up the sides of mountains. Because of all the rain, the mud often slides down over the road. Also, the tires make deep ruts that have to be filled with boulders. Some of us drove in the back of a "taxi" truck. The rest of the group rode in Andy's red truck.