Wednesday, August 26, 2009

4th of July Back Home

For the 4th of July, I went into St. Louis to visit my parents and shoot off some fireworks!

We took my grandma to see a huge display shot off over the Mississippi River!

My parents are the bestest parents in the whole world!  I thank God that they have been such loving and kind parents to my brothers and I!  Here they are standing in front of my cousin's house at a 4th of July get together.

I love shooting off fireworks!

My brothers, Matt and Michael!


Here is a picture of my house from the outside!  My parents live in Arnold, Missouri near St. Louis.

Over break, I built a wall, ran some outlets, and prepared some sheet-rock (I call it drywall!)  ;)  It is almost like a colander!  Sorry, inside joke!


I bet most of you did not even remember that I took these pictures. I must apologize at how long it has taken me to update my blog. There are two major reasons, maybe three if I stretch it a little! :) The first is that I have a film camera that requires about a week to develop the pictures. Okay, now that I have explained why this post was a week late, I now need to explain why it was months late! My computer has been broken for some time. My keyboard and mouse on my laptop froze up. The computer store where I take my computer is in St. Louis. I was not able to get it back to St. Louis for weeks, and it was not until weeks later that I was able to get my computer back, and it was not until weeks later that I was able to make the time to do some serious blogging!!! What a mouthful! :0

The eventful ride down! We made up a slow-moving three vehicle caravan.

Old friends reunited after what must have been weeks of separation since the play!

Traffic was perfect for running cookies between the vehicles and writing messages to the other cars in out caravan.

My great family and I (except for my dad)!

Our group made up most of this section! We had around thirty people!

Here is most of the group that went. My mom and two younger brothers valiantly defended our seats while we valiantly fought terrible traffic!