Saturday, December 4, 2010

Campus Crusade Pictures

Randomness! I will explain later when I have time. I have been horrible with loading pictures on lately. I do have to explain this first picture! :) This is my roommate, Jason, in his Holloween costume. He is not in CRU, but I thought it was funny anyway!!

Leadership Overnight with Campus Crusade for Christ. They always are a lot of fun, and I learn a lot from them.

Here we were playing a game that I think was called Ninja. Matt is in the green, and Chad Rucker is in the Black with the expensive shades!! :)

Here is almost our whole group from last year. Some people graduated, but we now have a really good core group.

Since we now have a CRU house, we get to have fun now and then. I live in the Man Cave with four other guys. Three of the girls who come to CRU and/or CCF live next door.

Here is Matt and our roommate, Mark Spaw. We were at a small training for leaders. It was on leading small group Bible studies and leading worship music.

On this day, we had a booth with lots of water bottles and questionnaires. Zack Parks, a CRU Staff person is in the black shirt with the gray hat on crooked. Brian is standing behind the table closest to the camera.

Here are most of our leaders in CRU this semester. We are all very good friends. :)

Dan Allan is talking to us about our campus ministry and encouraging us. He is a really good leader in Campus Crusade. He comes up as often as he can to lead our monthly meeting.

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  1. Hey! You updated! :) I really enjoyed seeing all the pictures.